The Fitzgerald T-shirt Range pays homage to one of the most versatile rebels in the history of fashion; the t-shirt.The 'T-shirt', as we know it, was first manufactured in 1898 and by 1913, the US Navy had introduced the undergarment as an issue item.It was author F. Scott Fitzgerald who first termed "t-shirt" in their novel 'This Side of Paradise.' Largely considered as an undergarment, it was rarely to be seen worn without a shirt over. Then came Marlon Brando & James Dean... With the release of 'A Streetcar Named Desire' in 1950, followed by 'A Rebel Without A Cause' in 1955, the populartity of the T-Shirt as an outerwear garment soared and became associated as the garment for rebels.With its new association as an outergarment, the t-shirt has become closely associated to how messages can be conveyed; from a holiday souvenir, to merchandise of a music group or conveying a political protest, the t-shirt has become ‘the medium for the message’.Now, t-shirts are rarely seen without a message, statement or logo printed or embroidered on. What a fascinating and exciting garment to add to our range! It is with this history in mind that our t-shirts have been developed and created in three colourways. We have chosen to make our t-shirts from 100% recycled cotton, offering an incredibly comfortable and sustainable option that can be worn either on its own or as an undergarment. Deliberately discreet, the Biggs Fox is expertly embroidered in a matching cotton and sits on the right sleeve - still high enough for you to roll the sleeve should you wish to go full on Brando.

The Fitzgerald T-Shirt Grey

  • Care Specifications

    100% recycled cotton.

    Wash at 40 degrees.

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  • Model Fit

    The model is wearing size medium and is 42" chest

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