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At Stanley Biggs we have invested many hours into researching how we can make sustainability a sustainable practice, because, just like you, we care.

Choosing to work with UK-based businesses, through to our insistance on using eco-friendly packaging, you can enjoy your experience with us without feeling guilty.

Effortless measures help each and every customer to be 'eco-efficient' with Stanley Biggs Clothiers. Here’s how...

Stanley Biggs sustainable clothing

Our Packaging
All our packaging is not only biodegradable but also great quality, plastic free and can be re-used.
Our paper mailing bags are 100% recyclable and FSC certified.
They can be recycled at home or commercially.

Our tissue paper and internal packaging are all 100% recyclable and can go straight into your recycling bin.
Even the ink is water based and not harmful.

We have also taken other measures to ensure the business remains super sustainable. Here are a few...

  • We have asked our suppliers not to send stock in plastic packaging. If they do, we will re-use or recycle.

  • We don't print off order confirmations. We email you directly instead.

  • In the case of returns and exchanges, we actively encourage you to re-use the packaging (so please take care when opening your parcel!)

  • When used, our packing tape is low tac and recyclable.

  • Even our clothing is eco-efficient; we want our clothing to last a very long time.


If you have any suggestions, please do get in touch!

We aren't perfect and freely admit there is still lots we can do. We will continue striving to improve all practices on a regular basis.

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